I am a Fullstack Software Developer from Mumbai,India.
Proficient in JavaScript related technologies which includes React JS, Next JS, NodeJS, and Express.

Worked on MongoDB, Firebase and PostgresSQL.
Writing Technical content on my blog


Movie Trailers

A React application for Movie Trailers. Made different components such as Card for designing each Movie Card, Custom Elements for elements such as Drop Down, Header component for Navigation Bar, Modal component.

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React JS

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Node CLI Budget App

A Simple Budget Calculator with Command Line Interface using NodeJS with the help of few NPM modules such as "yargs" for parsing command-line arguments and "chalk" for styling terminal string.

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Bug Tracker

A full-stack test management application to maintain and manage defects built using Node, Express and MongoDB for the backend and HTML/CSS,BootStrap for the frontend

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NodeJS + Express + MongoDB + BootStrap

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Portfolio Website

A Simple Portfolio built using HTML, CSS, SASS as the CSS pre-processor, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript and deployed on Netlify.

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CSS + JavaScript + SCSS + Tailwind

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var vs const vs let in javascript

If you have started learning JavaScript and even if you are in the early stages you must have come across var, const, and let variable declaration. Let us understand, the main differences between these ways of declaring variables

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How to use Functions in JavaScript?

Functions are the fundamental part of JavaScript programming language. It is a block of code that is reusable, i.e. the function can be called anywhere in the code and perform the required task as many times as you need it.

Getting started with NPM(Node Package Manager)

So what exactly is Node Package Manager? The package is a piece of code that is managed by the Package Manager which is nothing but software that manages the installation and updating of packages.

How to use the NodeJS Core (Native) modules?

Rather than creating our own custom modules every time, Node provides a set of modules to make our lives easier. It is similar to that of importing your own modules we use the same require() function.

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